RRC.AP Seminar

“Clean and Sustainable Environment in Changing Climate”

AIT Sustainability EXPO

Seminar by AIT Regional Resource Center for Asia and the Pacific

Day 2 –  Thursday 24th August 2023, 9:00-12:00

Robert B. Banks (RBB Auditorium), AIT Conference Center (Hybrid)



Asia and the Pacific region achieved impressive economic growth during the last few decades by means of rapid urbanization, industrialization, infrastructure construction, and other several economic developments. Consequently, there is an increase of problems related to elevated levels of air pollution, municipal and industrial waste management, greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions and climate change, water and sanitation, etc. These serious environmental problems threaten and undermine sustainable growth, clean air, health security, food security, and regional stability, including achieving the UN 2030 Agenda links to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP), with a mission to provide resources for policy setting towards sustainable development, acting as a science-policy interface by regional networking, processing and assessing information and knowledge for governments, local communities, and other stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region. Operating through three thematic clusters: Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Waste and Resource Management, RRC.AP is assisting the countries of the Asia-Pacific region to achieve their environmental and sustainable development goals through capacity-building, knowledge sharing, policy advice, research, and facilitating intergovernmental networks and initiatives.

The seminar on Clean and Sustainable Environment in Changing Climate is an effort by RRC.AP to share knowledge and its work program and activities pertaining to assisting the countries in the region. In this seminar, RRC.AP’s mission and goals including work of the air pollution cluster, climate change cluster, and waste and resource management will be presented. The expected participants are government policymakers, academics, scientists, young researchers, students, and members of community organizations.     


DAY 2: 24 August 2023

09:00 – 09:10

Opening Session

·         Welcome Speech: Dr. Guilberto Borongan, Director, Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT RRC.AP)

·         Opening Speech: Dr. Roger Levermore, Vice President for Development, AIT

09:10 – 10:30

·         Introduction to Waste and Resources Cluster, AIT RRC.AP – Mr. Huno Solomon Kofi Mensah, Senior Programme Officer, Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT RRC.AP) (15 min)

·         Waste and resource management perspectives of the Biocircular Geen Economy implementation in  Thailand (BCG Economy)– Pollution Control Department, Ministry of Natural Resource Department, Thailand [TBC]. (15 min)

·         Thailand Roadmap on Plastic Waste: Implementation status and the way forward – Mr. Paradorn Chulajata, Chairman of Plastic Industry Club, The Federation of Thai Industries, Managing Director at Prepack Thailand Co., Ltd. [TBC] (15 min)

·         Promoting the Minamata Convention on Mercury by making the most of Japan’s knowledge and experiences – Dr. Mitsugu Saito, Programme Management Officer, UNEP ROAP (15 min)

·         Introduction and activities of Air Pollution Cluster – Dr. Ram Lal Verma, Head of Air Pollution Cluster, Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT RRC.AP) (15 min)

·         Q & A

10:30 – 10:50

Coffee Break

10:50 – 11:55


·         Introduction to Climate Change Cluster, AIT RRC.AP – Dr. Ramesh Soysa, Head of Climate Change Cluster, Regional Resource Center for Asia and the Pacific at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT RRC.AP). (10 min)

·         Rural revitalization and climate change – Dr. Peter King, Senior Advisor, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES). (20 min)

·         An overview of the GCF global framework, trends, and prospects (virtual) – Mr. Demetrio Innocenti, Manager, (Simplified Approval Process/Project Preparation Facility/Enhancing Direct Access) Division of Mitigation and Adaptation, Green Climate Fund (GCF). (20 min)

·         Q & A