SDG Research fair

Date: 23-25 August 2023

Venue: RBB Auditorium, AITCC

Join us at the SDG Research Fair, the beating heart of the AIT Sustainability EXPO. Register now and let your brilliance shine, for the time for action is now!

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Last Date of Submission 15 August 2023

Who can join? 

Any student or Students with outstanding research  or innovation that contributes to any SDG

What do I need to prepare? 

prepare your valuable 3 days to present. Prepare at least two A2-size posters printed to display at the booths. 

Accommodation and Food?

Food and accommodation will be provided for free

Calling the students all researchers, and solution-seekers! Brace yourselves for an extraordinary event that paves the path to a sustainable future. Join us for the SDG Research Fair, a highlight of the AIT Sustainability EXPO, where groundbreaking research and innovative solutions will take center stage. This fair is organized as part of the AIT Sustainability EXPO, an institute-wide event from August 23–25, 2023, along with Research workshops by AIT Centers, Inter-university Hackathon, and many other events.

At the SDG Research Fair, you will step into the spotlight to showcase your research findings and amplify your impact. Sharpen your presentation and communication skills as you captivate an audience hungry for transformative ideas. This is your chance to be recognized, celebrated, and propelled toward greatness. And, by bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, this event will foster interdisciplinary dialogue and encourage the exchange of ideas. From climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation to poverty alleviation and inclusive education, the SDG Research Fair will highlight the multidimensional nature of the SDGs and the interconnectedness of their targets.

Prepare to unlock the power of collaboration as the fair also includes interactive sessions where attendees can engage in meaningful conversations, share experiences, and learn from one another’s successes and challenges. Through this collaborative environment, attendees will gain valuable insights, forge new connections, and enhance their own research endeavors. This is also substantiated by studies showing that participation in research fairs positively impacts students’ academic and professional development, increasing their confidence, critical thinking abilities, and research skills.

The SDG Research Fair is not just about presenting research; it’s about driving real change and making a tangible impact on the SDGs. The fair will go beyond showcasing academic work by emphasizing the practical applications and potential scalability of research findings. Participants will be encouraged to explore ways to translate their research into actionable projects, policies, and initiatives that contribute to sustainable development. This is your chance to create a ripple effect that resonates at the local, regional, and global levels.

The “SDG Research Fair” celebrates and recognizes exceptional contributions in line with the SDG Goals. The top three teams who demonstrate relevance, the impact of output, technicality, and presentation skills will be awarded prestigious prizes.

(1st Prize) Outstanding Sustainability Achievement Award: 20,000 B

(2nd Prize) Creative Solution for Greener Future: 15,000 B

(3rd Prize) Excellence in Sustainable Finance Award: 10,000 B

Criteria for Judging

  1. SDG Relevance (20%): Evaluates the extent to which policies, initiatives, and actions align with and contribute to the SDGs and their targets.
  2. Impact of the Research Output (20%): Assesses the potential and actual effects of the research findings on addressing societal, environmental, or economic issues, considering the transformative and positive changes it can bring about.
  3. The technicality of the Research Work  (20%): Evaluates the depth and complexity of the research methodology, data analysis, and scientific rigor employed in the study.
  4. Presentation Skills  (20%): The clarity, organization, persuasiveness, and overall quality of the team’s presentation, including their ability to effectively convey their solution’s value, potential impact, and feasibility.
  5. Overall Impression (20%): Provides a holistic assessment of the research work, taking into account factors such as originality, creativity, coherence, relevance, and the researcher’s overall ability to present a well-rounded and impactful study.

 Unleash your potential and be part of a global movement that accelerates progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Accommodation and food coupons will be provided to the selected inter-university participants. 

Accommodation in a non-air conditioned room will be free of cost but for airconditioned rooms nominal charges are applicable.

Organizer: Office of Sustainable Campus (OSC)

Main Sponsor: Indorama Ventures

Co-Sponsors: Dr. Naveed Anwar, Former Vice President of  Knowledge Transfer, Senior Advisor to the President.

Committee Members: AIT Faculty