AIT Sustainability EXPO scheduled  from 23 -25 August 2023. The key highlight of the event is to foster transformation of AIT into botanical garden campus with its commitment to be net zero by 2030. We invite you to join the event to unveil and explore the possibilities to achieve the global SDG goals and for mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise.

AIT Sustainability Expo is a three day event which comprises of Inter-university Research fair, Inter-university Hackathon, more than 6 workshop in areas of water conservation, climate change, waste management, Air pollution, sustainable buildings, remote sensing, Social Business and GIS, Sustainable farming and many more. We also have sustainable food and product market as added attraction to the event.  If you are student or a researcher this is a platform to explore  for new knowledge and ideas. If you are an engineer or industrialist here is the platform to explore and innovate ideas to develop a sustainable greener product or company. We AIT has many centers with required research and consultation services to find a solution to the challenge if you plan to go greener and achieve your ESG goals. With AIT’s mission ” to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and its integration into the global economy” we invite students to join us for your higher studies.

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), a leading international institution for higher education and research located in Thailand has been granted a Science and Technology Park (STP) status by the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI), the main public agency promoting business investment in Thailand. BOI offers tax incentives for companies involved in research and development. We encourage startup and innovations that fosters sustainable development.

The expo will be a great networking platform to researchers, businesses, and organizations for mutual exchange of knowledge, expertise and their innovative projects that contribute to sustainability. Participants will have the chance to engage with exhibitors, learn about their sustainable projects, and connect to potential collaborations. The prospective audience would be industry associates, professionals,  inter-university students, research experts and AIT stakeholders. 

In addition, the hackathon offers a unique opportunity for individuals to come together and brainstorm solutions to sustainability challenges. Participants will form teams and work collaboratively to develop innovative ideas and practical solutions that address pressing environmental issues. The research fair will a exclusive opportunity to learn about current sustainable technology and  innovations. 

Below is the brief program agenda and for information about the event click in the each day agenda. please register to participate in any of the workshop, research fair, Hackathon or if you plan sell your sustainable product or food.

Day-1: 23 AUGUST 2023

Day-2: 24 AUGUST 2023

Day-3 : 25 AUGUST 2023

Click her for day-3 agenda